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Mission Centers of the UM Community Ministries

Capital Area District, West Ohio Conference


The Ministries of Broad Street United Methodist Church

Mission Statement: As followers of Jesus Christ, we are responding to God’s love in our mission to be an all-inclusive community in the heart of the city. We seek to improve the spiritual, social, and physical well-being of the congregation, its members, our neighbors, and the community around us.

Practical Reality: Annually, Broad Street UMC Mission Center provides free, supportive direct services through multiple programs that reach 30,000 persons affected by homelessness, poverty, HIV/AIDS, addiction, hunger, or incarceration. These outreach activities meet the needs of the diverse population in the downtown area of Columbus, Ohio. They enhance the relational, physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual well-being of those served.

The outreach activities include: transitional supportive housing, meal and hospitality program, teaching series and programs on poverty and its relatives, free legal assistance, daily recovery programs, holiday assistance, emergency aid, justice and advocacy efforts, mental health and mental illness services, refugee resettlement, HIV/AIDS support services, urban children’s programs, recreation services for downtown residents, and service learning programs for youth, college students, and adults.

Current Outreach Ministries:

The Inn at Broad – Provides two units of transitional supportive housing in the Broad St. UMC building. Families receive supportive services and housing for 12 to 24 months.
Bethlehem on Broad Street – Provides 1,100 families/households (1,100 adults/2,750 children) with a Christmas food box, a Christmas party, and other supportive services. This is a coordinated effort with First Congregational Church and their ministry partners.

Emergency Assistance – Offers daily emergency help with the following services: “Serving One” food pantry, a listening ear, and other direct aid.

Manna Café – Provides 180 meals and compassionate community every Wednesday night to persons living with food insecurity or in hunger crisis. Open Shelter Meals – Provides 150 meals to homeless men and women every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night. This is run by The Open Shelter, Inc.

HIV/AIDS Support Services – Provides relational, physical, community, and spiritual support to 25 persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Restorative Justice – The Interfaith Legal Clinic provides free legal services to 30 persons monthly – administered by the Interfaith Legal Clinic Mission Group. 501 AA and SA provide a supportive recovery program (12 Step Program) six days a week. Supporting Refugees & Immigrants – The resettlement program provided furniture, language training, driver’s training and financial aid to four Iraqi Christian refugee families as they resettled into the Columbus area.

Children & Families – The Campfire Mega Club provides personal and leadership development for children and youth who are often overlooked. Spiritual Resources – Worship and prayer opportunities are provided in conjunction with all of the ministries and outreach activities, most notably the Open Table communion, mid-week worship opportunities, weekly prayer and anointing events, Bible Study, testimony, and service learning.

Teaching in Servant Leadership, Justice, and Advocacy – Manna Café and Freedom School provide key opportunities for leadership for training of youth, young adults and ministry partners. Active groups include: Freedom School with eight recent college graduates; the Youth Seminar Program for 24 youth and six adults; the Ohio State University Education Policy and Leadership partnership with 15 students annually; and, the SEND mission training program with the Mennonite Urban Mission team.

The Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools program provides summer and after-school enrichment that helps children fall in love with reading, increases their self-esteem, and generates more positive attitudes toward learning. Children are taught using a model curriculum that supports children and families around five essential components: high quality academic enrichment; parent and family involvement; civic engagement and social action; intergenerational leadership development; and nutrition, health and mental health.

Bridges Out of Poverty Training — Bridges training is essential for understanding the hidden rules of economic class and class issues can impact ministry and outreach efforts. Education in Bridges constructs allows for more successful engagement outcomes and volunteer satisfaction. Trainings are scheduled upon request.

Art in the City — Art in the City is a ministry of the Manna Café in which our homeless family and friends are our resident artists. This fall, artists will be designing Christmas ornaments, which when completed, will decorate a Christmas tree. This tree will become a holiday greeting card, sold to support the arts program and the ministries of Manna Café.

501 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215-3822

Phone: (614) 221-4571 ● ·Fax: (614) 221-7917 E-Mail: office@broadstreetumc.net Website: www.broadstreetumc.net Pastor Louise R. Seipel


Every Sunday a wonderfully diverse mix of God’s children gather for worship and fellowship at the United Methodist Church for All People, an inner city church on the Southside of Columbus, Ohio. This inclusive body of Christ welcomes everyone; rich, poor, homeless, black, white, gay, straight. They gather as one extended family that authentically cares for each other, and works for the transformation of the entire community.

Globally, the United Methodist Church has identified four areas of focus for ministry. All four are prominently in this one setting. Creating new places for new people, working with the poor, developing principled Christian leaders and improving health globally are integral to how this congregation is intentionally impacting its immediate community and beyond.

The United Methodist Free Store is a flagship ministry of Community Development for All People (CD4AP), the sister organization of the Church for All People. The Free Store provides free clothing and household items to anyone who seeks them. Last year the Free Store distributed $2 million worth of clothing and household items to more than 25,000 different individuals. Every dollar donated to run the Free Store places $20 worth of merchandise into the hands of people who come to shop. Over the past 14 years, $20 million worth of goods have been given to more than 150,000 central Ohio residents. Donations come to the Free Store from a host of individuals and organizations, all of whom are inspired to share their resources to help the folks around them. The Free Store is run with the labor of hundreds of volunteers from area churches, synagogues and mosques, working alongside low income persons from the immediate neighborhood. The success of this ministry has led to the formation of more than 60 Free Stores across the nation.

The Free Store has been the inspiration for the other outreach ministries and economic development activities of CD4AP because it reveals what church leaders and volunteers call a “Divine Economy of Abundance”. According to this understanding of asset based community development, God has ordered creation so that there is more than enough of every good gift. Positive transformation occurs in any community precisely to the degree that people invest the first and best portions of their God given resources to care for one another. Instead of focusing on the negative dimensions of what the community or individuals lack, the divine economy of abundance focuses on assets, inviting people to work together to achieve common goals.

All of the ministries of CD4AP begin small with the passion of individuals who are willing to invest their own time and resources to achieve a dream of positive change. These folks then search out other individuals and organizations to partner with them.

Currently, Community Development and Church for All People offer a variety of direct services in their ministry center. Many of these activities emerged from the dreams of people for health and wholeness. Persons with passion began a parish nursing program that partners with the City of Columbus Health Department. This led to a partnership with a local hospital system. A portion of the ministry center was renovated into doctors’ offices. Mt. Carmel Health operates with CD4AP a primary care Health Station, 4 days a week, staffed with a physician, a nurse practitioner, and nurse. This Health Station provides quality health care and offers financial assistance to patients who do not have insurance.

H.E.A.L. (Healthy Eating and Living) is a program designed to accompany individuals as they set goals and implement action plans to improve their health. Coaches help participants complete a healthy living self-assessment that includes eating, physical activity, spirituality and other habits. Coaches meet with them regularly to encourage them and help them achieve their set goals. H.E.A.L. includes a Fresh Food Market in which each person can shop for healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables. Cooking classes and demonstrations help participants learn healthy ways to cook.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12 step recovery program for anyone who is striving to overcome a hurt, habit, or hang-up. Celebrate Recovery provides a weekly dinner and worship service.

Many of the people who shop at the Free Store and worship at the church have vivid dreams of living in a safe, decent home. These aspirations have led to dynamic initiatives related to the development of affordable housing. The first effort was the remodeling of one duplex with unskilled labor and great enthusiasm in 2005. Shortly thereafter, CD4AP was approved as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). This set the stage for the $1 million South Side Home Ownership program which purchased 14 vacant blighted houses that were completely renovated and sold as affordable owner occupied homes.

In 2009 CD4AP joined with Nationwide children’s Hospital to form the Healthy Neighborhood Healthy Homes Realty Collaborative. This initiative has targeted a 35 square block area to the immediate south of the hospital. The goal is to acquire all the vacant blighted houses and rebuild them as owner occupied homes. At the same time, the number of vacant blighted houses has been reduced by more than 50 per cent.

South Side Renaissance is a joint venture between CD4AP and several wealthy individuals who are now giving forward to rebuild the neighborhoods where they grew up. This initiative is targeting 50 square blocks. Grants are being made to existing homeowners to improve the exterior of their properties. Selected vacant blighted homes are being purchased and renovated as owner occupied homes. So far, 60 houses have been improved.

CD4AP is the non-profit partner in Southern Gateway Homes, a tax credit housing development that has just completed the construction of 40 brand new rental homes. Starting next year this same joint partnership will construct 56 affordable senior apartments.

Over the last several years, CD4AP has developed a strong partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Central Ohio that has resulted in the joint development of more than a dozen homes.

The total reinvestment of these housing development initiatives exceeds $30 million.

A team of musicians and church leaders launched Harmony on the Southside as a series of ministries related to music and the performing arts talents. An Open Mic program encourages youth and adults to develop their self- esteem by cultivating their performing arts talents. The “All People Band” partners with various community arts funders to provide free community concerts. All of the concerts have an underlying mission to promote unity in the midst of the diversity of this inner city community.

Church for All People and CD4AP led the effort to create and fund a charitable pharmacy to serve low income persons in Columbus. These leaders built upon existing partnerships to forge a new nonprofit and raised $250,000 for the first year’s operating budget. The Charitable Pharmacy is owned by the West Ohio Conference of the UMC and operates in Livingston UMC. The Charitable Pharmacy now distributes more than $3 million worth of medications annually to several thousand low income patients.

The Church and Community Improvement Society (CCIS) is another effort at Church for All People. The Church and Community Workers, assigned by the General Board of Global Ministries to the Columbus area, have formed this organization uniting church members, Free Store shoppers, and neighborhood residents to work together to enhance the quality of life in the community. The first major project was the development of a community garden. This group promotes healthy living and better nutrition. Over time the CCIS is organizing society members to advocate for public policy issues related to overcoming poverty. The CCIS launched a job readiness internship program in 2012, as well as a listing of services available on the south side.

A Training Center. The training center hosts a variety of conferences and learning experiences for individuals and organizations that want to engage in faith based community development. The training center provides consultation and coaching services to people all across the country who want to take their ministry to the next level. The CD4AP After School Program at Lincoln Park Elementary is open 5 days a week, during the school year, with 50 students participating in the program. The program model is based on three programmatic pillars: academic support, health and nutrition, and arts and culture.

The All People CDF Freedom Schools program is a sponsor site for the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools program. CDF Freedom Schools is a national, literacy-enrichment summer and after school program model focusing on five aspects: high quality academic enrichment, parent and family involvement, social action and civic engagement, intergenerational servant leadership development, and nutrition, health and mental health. Seventy scholars participated in the summer of 2013.

The Loaves & Fishes Daily Hot Lunch program operates Monday-Friday at 1702 Parsons Avenue. The daily hot lunch program is made possible through the support of the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, its Second Servings and fresh produce distribution programs, as well as donations from many generous supporters. Meals are provided at the Church for All People before the Free Store opens, Friday @ 3:30 p.m. and Saturday morning @ 9:00 a.m. Breakfast is served Sunday mornings, 8:30 a.m. before the 9:15 worship service.

The Church for All People and its sister organization, Community Development for All People are committed to continuing forward on this journey of asset based community development. Trusting in the divine economy of abundance they are investing the best of their passions and resources in focused efforts to create community transformation. In the process, they are building a front porch of the kingdom of God on the south side of Columbus, Ohio.

For more information contact: Community Development for All People 946 Parsons Avenue
PO Box 6063 Columbus, Ohio 43206 Website: www.4allpeople.org Rev. John Edgar, Executive Director Email: jedgar@4allpeople.net

Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone

Mission: Working Together for the Preferred Future of the Greater Hilltop Overview: The Greater Hilltop Area Shalom Zone is a member of the International Communities of Shalom, which comprise a movement of like-minded people of faith and conscience invested in developing the spiritual, economic, and communal well-being of local neighborhoods. The Hilltop Shalom Zone began out of the question, “What can we build from what we already have in our neglected and struggling neighborhood?”  and is now a group of residents and faith-based organizations operating in partnership with other non-profit entities, educational institutions and city and county government agencies to revitalize and improve the lives of the residents of the Greater Hilltop area of Columbus, Ohio.

The Zone operates out of four primary principles:

  1. This is our community: we work, live, and worship together;
  2. Everyone has something meaningful to contribute to our preferred future;
  3. We value meaningful relationships and partnerships above anything else; and,
  4. We work only for mutual gain in community and economic development. 

In its brief existence, The ZONE initiated and sponsors the following programs.

Hilltop Teen Club Drop-in Center - Over 330 youth in grades sixth through 12 have a safe place where they can learn conflict management, cooking skills, eat nutritious meals, play, and form positive relationships. An evening weekly basketball program supported by The ZONE and housed at Buckeye Ranch hosts about 80 young men, 14 -21 years old, mentored by volunteers from the local neighborhood.

Freedom Schools - Designed to bridge the summer learning gap for in-school youth, The ZONE has hosted a total of 10 Freedom Schools since 2011. 198 young people, plus their parents, experienced high quality academic enrichment activities designed to equip learners for success and diversion from the Cradle to Prison Pipeline plaguing our community.

Peacemaking and Mediation Center - Led by professionals, this new program equipped 30 volunteers to provide in-depth training to youth and adults in mediating community conflict. We work closely with Franklin County Children Services, the family court system, West High School, and the local elementary schools to provide meaningful mediation to families in need.

Access to Affordable Healthy Food - Local Matters Veggie Van and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank work with The ZONE, Hilltop YMCA and local church partners to make fresh local grown veggies available to residents in areas designated as “food deserts.” This network of cooperating agencies brings sustainable food opportunities to Hilltop neighborhoods so that hunger will no longer be a barrier to family health and well-being. Included in this are monthly “Free Produce Markets,” in which 10,000 pounds of food are distributed in a 3 hour period to local families. In July alone, 1,365 people received fresh produce.

Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone Interfaith Legal Clinic - The clinic provides pro-bono legal services to Hilltop residents through partnership with the Columbus Bar Association. The monthly service also provides interpreters for Hispanic residents.

Executive Director: Rev. Julia Nielsen

Phone: 614.398.1230
Website: www.hilltopshalomzone.org Email: info@hilltopshalomzone.org


Jacksontown/Water’s Edge United Methodist Church is located at two different sites: One with the parent church at Jacksontown and the other, a ministry site known as Water’s Edge located at Buckeye Lake. There are missions happening at both the parent church site and the Buckeye Lake Site.

CLOTHING STORES: There are clothing stores at both Jacksontown and Water’s Edge which offer good used clothing. Each store sees 65/70 families each week. The Jacksontown site is open on Wednesday both morning and evening. The Water’s Edge site is open on Mondays and again on Thursdays. The clothing provided by area churches, community residents and church family is given away free after every piece donated is sorted, sized and checked for all buttons and working zippers before it is available for distribution.

FOOD PANTRY: We have a free choice food pantry which is open on Wednesdays from 10-12 in the morning and 6-8 in the evenings at the Jacksontown site. This pantry is limited to those living in our area as designated by the Licking County Food Network who provides most of the food. Families are given enough food for 8 days each visit and can come once a month. Although the number varies each week, approximately 1250 people receive food each month. We also have an open food pantry which is available for those area residents who live not only in Licking County but also in Fairfield and Perry Counties. The residents can come every week as opposed to once a month and select from fresh produce, breads and pastries, cereals, and various other food items as available and there are no restrictions as to where they live.

COMMUNITY LUNCH: SUNDAYS at 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. at the Water’s Edge site, there is a free lunch served to the community. The lunches are provided in partnership with Millersport UMC and First Community Church of Buckeye Lake as well as from the food given to Water’s Edge by the Licking County Food Network as we are a designated Soup Kitchen. Everyone is welcome at this table. This ministry continues to grow.

SPIRITUAL RENEWAL SERVICE: SUNDAYS at 2:00 p.m. A Spiritual Renewal Service is held at the Water’s Edge site. This is a very informal service of praise, prayer and worship. All are invited to attend.

AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING & HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE- is available for students in grades 2-6 on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 3:30-5:00 p.m. at the Water’s Edge site. This year we plan to begin our eighth year on September 16th. Last year we were excited as nine youth from Water’s Edge graduated from high school. This is the highest number ever since Water’s Edge began.

TEEN TIME- Teens come on Wednesday evening from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.to the Water’s Edge site. All teens ages 14-18 are invited to come, play basketball, games, or just hang out. This program begins with Spiritual moments and snacks are made available throughout the evening.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS from 6:00-7:30 p.m. is the Wednesday Evening Celebration Service at Water’s Edge beginning with the Word, then a meal provided by area churches, and continues with fellowship. All are welcome to attend. The attendance has been as high as 150 and sees an average of 100 each week. This also is a ministry which could not survive without the provision of the meals by other churches. We have pool tables, air hockey, fooze ball, Wii, and game boy available for the youth on Wednesday evenings on the second floor.

COMMUNITY GARDEN - With the support of Epworth UM Church, the children have planted flowers around the Tom Sawyer House and also around the sign and front of the Water’s Edge facility.

VOLLEYBALL/BASKETBALL - We opened our new facility at the Jacksontown site where coaches held volleyball and basketball clinics for younger youth in partnership with the Lakewood School District and a self defense class was given in the Spring for adults and youth. It has become a site for reunions, graduation parties, VBS classes, Sunday School and our Christmas gathering (190 people) as well as a relocation site for our clothing store and food pantry. This Spring the facility was being used every day of the week and with school beginning will again see daily use.

OCTOBER: Trick or Treat- Last year we had volunteers distribute “treats” of crosses and candy at the community “trunk or treat” where we saw over 300 children.

NOVEMBER: On Wednesday evening, November 27th a free Thanksgiving Community Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m. All in the community are invited to come, eat and fellowship. At that time we hope to give a turkey and fixings to each family for their personal Thanksgiving meal.

DECEMBER: At Christmas we will again offer a community meal on Wednesday, December 18th, along with gifts for each child as we hold our Christmas celebration sharing the Word. Last year with the help of area churches, Toys for Tots, businesses and individuals, we gave 150 children/youth several gifts each, plus gift certificates for the teens.

TOM SAWYER HOUSE: In July of 2009, we purchased the house next to the Water’s Edge facility, oversaw renovation, much of which was done by the “Amish Rejects” of Reynoldsburg UMC. It’s initial intent was a respite for youth ages 2 through 17 who become temporarily homeless. We have found since the home’s completion, the parents and youth seem to be working thru their issues without removing the youth from the home. We are now rethinking the future of this home as we want to make good use of God’s resources. A community Bible study is held every Monday afternoon in the house at this time.

In the 400 unit mobile home park located behind the Water’s Edge Center there are large families living in mobile homes; single parents raising children; unemployment; welfare; and drug and alcohol abusers. Although an exact number of children/youth living in Buckeye Lake is not known, as many as 300 different youth have attended activities at one time or another in the past six years at the Water’s Edge site. When we first entered the site in July of 2007, most of the youth came from the mobile home park, but now we are seeing more from the entire Village of Buckeye Lake as well as adults who come to eat and fellowship.

The Water’s Edge facility has been a site for family gatherings, funeral dinners, bridal showers, baby showers and even a Wedding and reception. We want the residents to know that this is a place of celebration where they can come and bring their families.
We continue to pray for funds to purchase a generator so when the electrical power goes off in the area, families can come to Water’s Edge for food and shelter. We had a large outage this past Summer where we thought all the food in our five freezers and two refrigerators was going to spoil, but power was restored within 24 hours which saved the food.

This is an overview of the ministry at Jacksontown and Water’s Edge and how many lives, both young and old are being touched by God as we reach out with not only the necessities to live, but most importantly, love, caring and Spiritual support in partnership with many churches without which we could not continue.

New Life United Methodist Church

The mission of New Life United Methodist Church, located in the Short North area within the city of Columbus, is to “love, welcome, and serve all people in the name of Jesus Christ.”

A mural covers one of the walls in the dining room at New Life. It reflects the various outreach ministries outlined in this report. In the various scenes: a nurse treating a patient, an young man putting a coat on a child, the church vans going out around the city and returning full of our neighbors, a woman full of joy with a cap that reads: I Love Jesus, and the banquet table where the meal has become five loaves of bread and two fish all depict actual people in the diverse community who gathers throughout the week. And most importantly, wherever people have gathered, whether being cared for, listening to the Word, breaking bread together, and reaching out to one another, Jesus is present. The mural entitled, A Safe Place, communicates what we seek to be for all people, in all of our diversity, where the loving presence of Christ is experienced in tangible ways within the life and ministries of an inclusive and welcoming community called New Life.

One of the core outreach ministries through which we live out our mission is the Breakfast Ministry. Through this ministry of hospitality, we serve breakfast to about 180 people who are homeless or living in poverty every Sunday morning, 52 weeks of every year now since 1991. The neighbors who come to breakfast come for the hot eggs and coffee, and they come to be in a safe place where they can be in fellowship with Christian people who love and respect them, and they come for the Word from Scripture which our pastor shares with them each week. They ‘come as they are, and they find that they are loved’ by God and by God’s people at our church. On these Sundays we also provide our neighbors with a packed lunch and an opportunity to shop our free clothing room.

In addition to Sunday morning, we also serve a free hot breakfast on Tuesday mornings to a similar population from our neighborhood. When we added this breakfast 13 years ago, we served a simple cold breakfast to about 20 of our neighbors. That number has steadily increased as the breakfast has become much more elaborate. Currently, we are serving approximately 100 people each Tuesday year round. They enjoy the same kind of breakfast served on Sundays, supplemented by cereal and pastries much like Sunday morning.

Our free Clothing Room is open each Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (in addition to Sunday mornings), where people can receive an abundant fair share of clothing, household linens, personal hygiene items, and other necessities each month. Since there are no restrictions on who can shop, we have seen a steady growth in the number of people in need who come seeking these basic resources, resulting in over 1,700 people being an average number served each month. In 2012, over 1,000 coats were distributed to men, women and children, beginning with our “Coat Extravaganza” in the fall, and continuing throughout the winter. A volunteer team of over 100 individuals ensure that the racks of filled with quality, gently used clothing, neighbors are welcomed, registered and served throughout the week.

The Health & Wellness Center is open every Sunday morning to provide basic medical care to approximately 50 of our neighbors in need each week. Some need simple over the counter medications, or had easily treated skin conditions, foot problems, or common viruses; others had much more complex medical needs related to diabetes, hypertension, asthma, recovery from injuries, etc. The Health & Wellness Center is designed to function as a “doctor’s office” with a waiting area and three exam rooms. Currently, there is a team of over 40 volunteers: doctors, nurses, greeters, pharmacists, and prayer ministers who provide these services of compassion and healing. This ministry has provided a context for learning for medical, nursing, and pharmaceutical students from Ohio State University and Capital University. Many patients have been able to control their hypertension and diabetes because of the care provided, and many more look forward to the personal attention and relationships they are building with their doctors.

 In August, 2013 a new free prescription drug program was initiated. Now, patients have to opportunity to fill prescription written by our physicians at NO cost to them through the Short North Kroger pharmacy located two blocks north of the church; thus providing access to much needed health care products and services. Also as a ministry of hospitality and expression of our commitment to health and wholeness, we open the doors to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous group meetings.

Through our ministry with children and families, we continue to offer Christian education on Sunday mornings, which is designed to help the students learned the “basics” of the Bible, and to mentor them in becoming faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. A majority of the 30 children currently involved in our ministries live in poverty, and often in at risk situations in their home and neighborhood. Most of them do not have personal computers in their homes. Therefore, we offer computer based tutoring program to assist the kids in their school work, and also focus on reading. The relationships that are built between adult mentors and the students enable and encourage them to achieve academically and develop a lifelong love of learning. Since education is the primary means out of poverty, we believe this tutoring program gives the children greater opportunities to live up to their full potential. In our “Terrific Tuesdays” summer program, kids gather for fun activities, including both outings and time to engage in creative arts projects.

In 2012, a new initiative, Girly Girls was designed to help tween and teen girls develop self-confidence, learn how to protect themselves from violence, make responsible decisions with their sexual development, and other discussions that will help them grow to be mature, thoughtful, confident Christian young women.

New Life Community Outreach is the not-for-profit organization of New Life United Methodist Church that serves as steward of our outreach ministries. Its mission is: “We serve our neighbors and strengthen our community by providing physical, emotional and spiritual care for all adults, children and families in need.” The Board includes members and neighbors of New Life, and representatives from 4 partner churches. The Board also is seeking ways for us to partner with other ministries, agencies and community organizations in our neighborhood which can further strengthen and even expand our ministries.

For more information contact: New Life United Methodist Church

                25 W. Fifth Ave.
                Columbus, OH 43201
                Email: nwlifeumc1@att.net
                Website: www.newlifeunitedmethodist.com