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Local Outreach Grants

2545 Farmers Dr, Suite 350 Columbus, OH 43235

MICRO-GRANTS for 2018 are now up to $1,000 of funding. The application link is to the right on this webpage.

Local Outreach Grants are awarded annually by our Local Outreach Support Committee.

Local Outreach Grants are awarded to congregations starting new outreach ministries, as well as those having existing community ministries which are evolving. The purpose of the money is to enable congregations to find specific ways to reach out to their community in hands-on service ministries.

For 2018 Grants: The 1st grant distribution was made March 1, 2018. An interim report is required, including a financial report, due during August 2018. The 2nd grant distribution will be made on September 1, 2018 following receipt of the Interim Report. The Interim Report links are to the right on this webpage.

For 2019 Grants: The maximum funding amount is $5,000 per year. The application has been streamlined. The Ministry Partnership application was eliminated. Those who previously applied as a Ministry Partnership must apply in affiliation of a local United Methodist Church who is a strong partner. Grant applications are due October 3, 2018. Applications must be on-time and complete when submitted. The application links are listed on this webpage.

A site-visitor from the Local Outreach Support Committee will contact each applying ministry to arrange a meeting. Site visits will take place during the month of October.

The Local Outreach Support Committee will meet to review all grant applications on November 7, 2018, and award funding. Letters of awards will be sent following the November 15, 2018 Board Meeting.

For more information about the grant application process, please contact Rev. Karen Cook at kcook@wocumc.org, or 614-228-1010.