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One Voice

The young people and their chaperones from Louisville First United Methodist Church Choir, “One Voice”, have been here for two days. The concert was magnificent. They are magnificent. We have lots of work sites. They cleaned 9 apartments for disabled seniors, painted our fellowship hall and a resident’s garage, planted flowers all over town, fixed our church sign and painted it, reorganized all of our storage sheds and storage rooms. God is pouring down blessings on all of us. Yesterday, as we painted, we sang a hymn just as a grandmother came looking for her son. She was overwhelmed. Ten kids came out in the morning to help plant. The team fed them and taught them a Bible story about the Good Samaritan. Then they acted it out as a surprise for me. Thanks so much for sending them to us! We pray they will be back next year.

One of their construction people looked at a two story house which is sadly in need of paint. An elderly widow owns it whose husband passed away recently. We weeded all around and gardened, but the Louisville expert said it couldn’t be painted even if we scraped all the peeling paint off and refreshed it. The reason is the boards are rotten. It needs to be sided from top to bottom. I talked with church leaders and we agreed that we will begin a housing program. We will select one house at a time, this being the first. Then we will request physical assistance from church and friends to do the work and raise funds for siding. We will partner with Community Action Agency of Union County to begin the work on this house first. We are so thrilled to be able to help our poor senior homeowners and others in the town.

What a glorious time we have had. So many stories to tell. One lady who has never entered our doors, came to hear the concert. She sat in back with tears pouring down her cheeks as they sang. Afterward, she asked that today they sing outside sometime so the whole town will come! I prayed with her and she said she accepted the Lord as her Savior! The mission team will be at her house this am to weed her property. She is semi-disabled and raises a 3 year old grand-daughter.

We all agreed we could never have experienced these God moments if it were not for the “Methodist Connection”. Please let everyone know how grateful we are. Our mayor has been there all day, our members. Everyone is just amazed.